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Big Book Analytics exists with one purpose...

To help you get published.


We use analytics to create reports that not only help you refine your query letter but also select literary agents, discover comparable titles, and more. We leave the creative process to you. 

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What is a Questimate?


Questimate is short for: Query Estimate. It's an evaluation of your short Book Synopsis. (That's the handful of paragraphs you describe your story with to send to literary agents in a query letter.)


How will a Questimate help me?


Creating an intriguing book synopsis is a must for catching a literary agent's attention. Many author's are uncertain if their short summary is effective or not. Here's where the Questimate can help!

You'll receive: 

  • A thorough analysis of 12 key points within your book blurb

  • A personalized rating from 1-100

  • Clear explanations for each rating

  • Tailored recommendations for enhancement


I'm in! How do I get my report?


Simply sign up with your email using the form provided. ​

Shortly after, you will receive a secure login where you can upload your short book summary.

Give us up 48 hours to analyze your data. 

Voila. Your report will appear in your inbox and you'll be on your way to improving your query letter to make your publishing dreams that much closer to reality.

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