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The dreaded comp title. 


We’ve all been there, spending hours scanning Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon, only to come away without anything remotely resembling what we've written.


However, despite the painful process, many agents request or even require recent comp titles. Not only that, but having the right comp title can give a literary agent an idea of who they might sell your book to, prompting that all-important manuscript request.


Instead of wasting more time searching for that ellusive comp, let Big Book Analytics do the heavy lifting. 


Here's what you'll receive:

- 10 comparable titles from within the past 5 years

- Summaries of each comparable, including a detailed explanation of the similarities and differences between your book and the comp title

- Number of book reviews

- Bestseller ranking for each title

- Potential Personas: 3 detailed personas of people who might enjoy your book



Purchase Process:

- Purchase: Buy your product(s).

- Email: Receive an email with a member login. 

- Redeem: Visit our member site, enter your book details (title, word count, etc.). 

- Download: Your report will be ready within 48 hours. Login to download!

Comparable Books Report

$55.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price

At Big Book Analytics, we understand the importance of your privacy and the sensitive nature of the information you provide to us. We are committed to protecting your personal data.

For more information on how we process your data, please read our full Privacy Policy.

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