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Query Letter Solutions

Have you been struggling to get a Literary Agent? Look no further.

Our goal is to help you write a query letter agents can't ignore. How?

We offer packages and individual reports that analyze each section of your query letter and give you tips to improve it. These reports help you: analyze and improve your book blurb, match you with the right literary agents for your book, personalize your query for a specific agent, collect comparable titles, and more.

As for the creative process? That's all yours.

Stephanie Poli

My name is Stephanie Poli. My professional background is in broadcast media scripting and technical writing, but currently I’m in the trenches of rewriting my debut fiction manuscript. At the time I was introduced to Big Book Analytics, I was struggling to identify my ideal readership—teetering between Young Adult and Adult, and uncertain of which category—there are over 16,000 currently listed on Amazon. Yikes! I’m learning that it’s essential to identify this as early as possible, as each market carries its own reader expectations, and like any aspiring author I want my book to deliver.

I gave Big Book Analytics my book blurb and genres: Historical Fiction, Magical Realism, and Teen & YA Coming of Age Fantasy. In return I received a comparable books report with multiple titles, ranging from notable, seasoned authors to lesser known debuts. The report included book summaries, cover art, Amazon rankings, and compared my manuscript to each book by identifying similarities in themes, historical time periods, and character arcs. At a glance I gained valuable insight and identified a few comp titles, which I will use for future querying and marketing purposes.

Big Book Analytics was professional, helpful, and fulfilled my request for additional reports. Now I possess clarity and I know my reader—adults who enjoy coming of age fantasy with historical and mythological elements.

Regardless of where you’re at in your writing journey, I encourage you to give them a try. The process was fun, new and exciting, and put me one step closer to getting my story published.

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